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Under the present brutal and primitive conditions on this planet, every person you meet should be regarded as one of the walking wounded. We have never seen a man or woman not slightly deranged by either anxiety or grief. We have never seen a totally sane human being.
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Robert Anton Wilson (via austur)

RAW for life.



When an ostracod is swallowed, it emits a burst of light, making the cardinal fish spit it out.

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Time squared

I cannot tell you how happy I am about this.

Geometry and humans are two of my top five favorite things!

Unfortunately humans are also in my top five worst things. They are number one on that list.

Tumblr Meaning Consumption


A lot of people on Tumblr seem to blow through a lot of pretty deep quotes on a daily basis. Are they thinking about them? 

A lot of people on Tumblr also consume a vast amount of images, very quickly.  Do they look at them for any period of time? Really study them, get to know them?

Facebook is similar. 

I don’t like the way social media does TIME and MEMORY. 

To be fair, I think we are almost entirely guilty of this, as a community, to some degree.

However I absolutely unconditionally think it sucks the way social media does time and memory.

For myself I can only say that the more I write about something that I post/reblog, the more likely it is that I spent some decent time looking at it/parsing it/thinking about it/meditating on it.

Also when thinking about this (your post) I realized that I spend a lot more time on word posts than on picture posts, which sort of chagrins me and I have made a small vow to myself to change that.


Benjamin Carbonne 


Benjamin Carbonne was born in 1970 in France. Self-taught, he invested in 20 years this art, “says” what bothers him, the key to sometimes expresse violence, or that another world and eventually give way to something else in him. The artist paints often tormented beings, this period  of his work will focus on the sometimes sweet and sensitive, but also very often torn, torn or distorted with pain faces, the cry, the need for expression. In 2009, this is the command of a “pieta” that will cause a different body work.

After hitting with intensity expression of what could be more lively, more skinned him like humanity, Benjamin naturally takes this new way to work on the other bodies or faces, revealing all their power in contrast depth and lightness, precision and pictorial space to the imagination.

This is like a visual representation of ontological horror, something I love. I feel as though these images could be paired with the work of Ligotti, Lovecraft, and Poe (potentially Thacker/Negarestani also) with some success.

Happiness is not an ideal of reason but of imagination.
— 出典:Immanuel Kant, Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysics of Ethics  (via alterities)

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The position of True Love.

Long ago, among other lies they were taught that silence was bravery.
— 出典:Charles Bukowski, Play the Piano Drunk Like an Percussion Instrument Until the Fingers Begin to Bleed a Bit (via wordsnquotes)